Create ImmutableX Wallet

What is Immutable X

Immutable is a layer 2 protocol we use for almost all Habbo Collectibles - Furni, Clothing, Pets, and so on. It uses the layer 1 blockchain Ethereum's security, and the vast majority of Habbo Collectible trading is done in Ether (ETH). The main improvement that Immutable offers over the Ethereum network is low to zero gas fees and carbon neutrality.

Trading on Immutable is simple. First, you need to connect your wallet to their marketplace. You can use the MetaMask wallet you have been using on Ethereum to do this. Connecting your wallet in this way creates a unique Immutable key and registers it to your Ethereum private key. With that key, you can start trading. You can also do it here on this website by using the “Connect your wallet to IMX” button above.


You can't receive or use collectibles from the furni or clothing collections until you've connected your wallet. We also can't register on your behalf. Therefore, you need to go through this one-time process to ensure you can receive, trade, and use these items.


When you buy collectibles from Immutable's marketplace, you don't have to pay any "gas fees" (for a brief explanation of gas fees, check this guide). However, you will need to pay a small amount for gas when you transfer Ethereum to IMX.

Please note that you also pay a “priced in” creator fee and protocol fee when buying items on Immutable's marketplace – a very small percentage of the ETH you spend on each Habbo Collectible goes to us, and some goes to Immutable. More information on Immutable's fees can be found here.


How do I connect my wallet to IMX?

This process has several steps which involves clicking a button in either Immutable X wallet or MetaMask wallet.

1. Clicking on the Connect your wallet to IMX button will open MetaMask. This will ask you to confirm which wallet (assuming you have more than one) you would like to connect. This will also open a new browser window for the Immutable X wallet.

2. You will need to click Connect on MetaMask to confirm that you are connecting through MetaMask. Next, you need to Connect Wallet in the Immutable X wallet. This opens MetaMask, where you will need to confirm your connection.

3. Next, you need to Connect Wallet in the Immutable X wallet. This opens MetaMask, where you will need to confirm your connection.

IMX Connect

4. Then the IMX wallet will ask you to sign in. After clicking Sign in you need to sign in to MetaMask.

5. In MetaMask, make sure that the origin is This is to make sure you aren't getting scammed!

6. After confirming your log in on MetaMask, the next step is to create IMX key and accept the terms and conditions.


7. Click Set Up which will open MetaMask again and ask you to confirm.

8. Now the set up should be complete.


9. Your wallet is now ready to be used in IMX. You can go to and connect your wallet there - which has a less steps from now on - and check that your wallet is connected.