Get a Habbo NFT – the Legal Deal

The full terms and conditions that apply to your purchase can be found here. The legal mechanism behind non-fungible tokens is a bit complex, so we advise you to closely review. To get you started we want to highlight the following rules and principles:

1. Smart Contract

After a successful bid, we offer you to purchase a token (NFT) associated with an avatar (the art). As the avatar is a digital copy, you cannot ‘own’ the avatar as such (despite the fact that ‘owning the NFT associated with an asset’ is sometimes shortened to ‘owning the asset’). We assume you understand the difference.

2. Ethereum

The purchase itself is managed by the Ethereum platform, so we cannot accept any responsibility for management and processing of the purchase.

3. What about IP?

Like with any work of ‘art’, you do not get to own the IP. Those rights stay with us. We have to continue using the avatar on our platform and make sure the rights are protected as your NFT is sold in the future.

4. Using the avatar

Of course you get to ‘use’ the avatar associated with your token. For personal use, you can basically do with it what you want (as long as it is non-commercial and the avatar stays intact). You can also use the avatar when selling your token if the marketplace respects our ledger. The same goes for using the avatar on third party websites. This website has to cryptographically verify that you are the token owner.

5. Commercial use of the avatar?

Additionally, we allow commercial use of the avatar. However, this can get complicated because you cannot interfere with our Habbo brand (or other brands). Also, there is a cap of $100k. To help you on your way, here are some guidelines (that you must follow):

  • a. Never include the Habbo name or logo.
  • b. Never include any third party names, logos or other IP unless you have a right to.
  • c. Do not include other Habbo Avatars, unless you have a right to.
  • d. You only have a right to use the exact image of the Avatar.
  • e. Keep it decent. You know we want Habbo to be a safe environment and we expect you to live up to that when using your Avatar.
  • f. Track your revenues. If you are getting close to $100k it is time to reach out to us at

6. License

The license granted applies only to the extent that you continue to own the Habbo NFT. If at any time you sell, trade, donate, give away, transfer it, you will have no further rights for that Habbo NFT.

7. For what it is worth

Perhaps a no-brainer, but we do not know whether someone will actually want to buy your NFT. This is up to the community. So even if no one wants to pay you anything for your NFT or if the value suddenly or drastically changes, we have done nothing wrong. You are still the only one that holds the NFT for ‘your’ avatar.

8. And keep it legal!

Just never do anything inappropriate, let alone illegal, when dealing in or with our NFTs.

Now read the full terms and conditions!